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World’s First 2019 30″ Extended Escalade Mobile Office


LOS ANGELESJan. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Lexani Motorcars, the world leader in bespoke luxury stretch and armored conversions, has produced the 30″ Extended Cadillac Escalade Viceroy Edition—the world’s first 2019 stretched Cadillac Escalade mobile office with Lexani’s ultra-lux VIP cabin upgrades, and breathtaking star-liner ceiling. The unmatched comfort and attention to detail ensure even the most seasoned executive traveler’s lip will quiver. The brand’s Instagram page (@LEXANIMOTORCARS) boasts hundreds of thousands of fans including: Hollywood elite, business magnates, Grammy winning musical artists, and world class athletes.

What all is included aside from a super-sized body? A mobile office certainly needs equipment, and Lexani spares no expense in the tech department. The company claims “numerous unique proprietary upgrades” including an electronic partition designed to feature a curved flat-screen television. It’s also fitted with numerous Apple iPads, a beefed-up air conditioning system, video conferencing capability, and the raised roof features ambient LED lighting with a cool starfield layout as well. It’s all controlled through a Control4 touch screen management setup, and when the work is done (or when a distraction is necessary), there’s a PlayStation 4 hooked up as well.

Literally speaking, the 30″ stretch Viceroy dwarfs it’s predecessors. From the wide-open layout, state of the art technology, and entertainment capabilities- no stone has been left unturned. Lexani Motorcar’s world’s first proprietary electronic partition—crafted to carry a curved smart TV, is just one of the numerous unique proprietary upgrades this discreet masterpiece boasts.

For the security-conscious Lexani Motorcars offers up to B7 level armoring which maintains the original appearance and design with superior optics. They have up fitted Escalades, Navigators, Yukons, Land Cruisers, Sequoias, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinters with stunning results.

As with most custom vehicles such as this, there’s no mention of cost. The old adage applies here – if you have to ask, you most likely can’t afford it. Considering a new Escalade starts at $75,195, expect the Extended Viceroy Edition to also extend well into six-figure territory.

Source: lexanimotorcars.com


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