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Volkswagen unveils its new font – VW Text


Volkswagen has announced plans to introduce a slightly different font. The new typeface was named simple Volkswagen Text and will serve as a replacement for the old Volkswagen Utopia font. More than that, the VW OT is also replaced by Volkswagen Head.

According to Volkswagen, the new font represents the work of an outside agency named MetaDesign. Xavier Chardon, Volkswagen marketing chief has told us that the new font will used both on the outside and inside of their cars as well as on the new brochures.

Volkswagen Utopia vs. Volkswagen Text

volkswagen utopia vs volkswagen text 1

The new Volkswagen Text font is described as more contemporary, less geometric, and features dynamic contrast. More than that, the new font was inspired by the latest company’s distinctive vehicle design and will be visible on anything that is Volkswagen related.

Via | CarAndDriver


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