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Top 10 great cars you never knew existed


Some cars are very rare, but there are models in the world that can be compared to a white whale. You have dreamt of one, you know how it should look, but you never actually seen it. That is why we decided to create a Top 10 great cars you never knew existed article. Grab your beer, your popcorn and read carefully.

10. Toyota Mega Cruiser

You know the AM General Hummer, or the Hummer H2, or H3, but you never knew that somewhere in the world this U.S.-based model had a rival. Its name is Toyota Mega Cruiser and was a great car with a 4.1 liter four cylinder engine used to transport infantry troops. The unit was rated at 155 horsepower and the resources were put to the ground via a four speed automatic transmission. The car was assembled in Gifu, Japan between 1995 and 2002.


09. Jeep FC-150 Minivan

The Jeep FC-150 is a forward control minivan which was described the best minivan ever built. It was produced in only three units. How rare is that?


08. Lancia Dedra Integrale

In 1991, Lancia unveiled the Dedra Integrale. Yes, you have read correct, Dedra, not Delta Integrale. It used the same engine and transmission as the Delta Integrale 8v. It features a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder fuel injected twin cam engine rated at 171 horsepower. The Dedra Integrale also used the same permanent 4-wheel drive system of the Delta Integrale, and the Visco Drive 2000 traction control system.


07. Dacon 828

Dacon began as a Brazilian representative of Porsche, but in 1982 they began work on a car of their own. Dubbed Dacon 828, the name was supposed to represent the year it was begun (82) and the being the Dacon’s eight project. They have also chosen this name to remind us the Porsche 928. The car was designed by Puma designer Anisio Campos, and the Dacon 828 looked like a shrunk Porsche 928. The car was sold from 1983 to 1994, and only 47 cars were sold.


06. Honda Crossroad

This is a Land Rover Discovery I with a Honda badge. The Japanese car manufacturer bought the rights to the Discovery Series I from Land Rover and had it placed in the Japanese SUV market for a short time before the partnership ended when BMW bought Land Rover. Good job, Honda.


05. Keller Super Chief

I have never heard of this car manufacturer. After a short research we find out that Keller was an automobile produced by the Keller Motor Corp. of Huntsville, Alabama, United States, between 1947 and 1950.


04. Geo Prizm GSi

The Geo Prizm GSi was a Toyota Corolla with a 4AGE under the bonnet. It featured a 130 horsepower twin cam engine which was very very cool back in those years.


03. Citroen M35

The Citroën M35 was a coupé derived from the Ami 8, and equipped with a Wankel engine and a hydro pneumatic suspension. The engine was longitudinally mounted and had a capacity of 995 cc rated at 49 horsepower.


02. Volvo 480

Probably the first hatchback released by Volvo. It was produced between 1986 and 1995 and was first seen at Geneva in 1986. The Volvo 480 is the successor of the Volvo P1800 and the predecessor of the modern Volvo C30.


01. Buick LeSabre Grand National

This model was produced in 117 units in order to homologate the car for NASCAR competition. It was not turbocharged and just one run of cars were built to be sold in areas near the Daytona 500. It was supposed to be built in black and white, but just black was built, along with one red one. All the info you could want on the Buick LeSabre Grand National is available here.



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