The Best Ways Technology Will Transform Franchise Businesses –

The Best Ways Technology Will Transform Franchise Businesses

The future is transforming fast. The advancement of technology has impacted how we work every day, and it will have the same effect on the franchise industry. As we learn more about new technologies, we’ll discover how they can benefit your franchise business. Read on to learn how AI and Cloud technology are changing the way we operate our businesses. Besides enhancing customer experience, these innovations are also helping to reduce labor costs.

Cloud technology

With the help of Cloud technology, franchisors can break down barriers of conformity and improve their operational frameworks. Cloud computing can help franchisees automate workflows and view all data in a central location. This technology can help franchisors grow their brands and ensure their franchisees are operating effectively. Here are some ways that Cloud technology will transform franchise businesses:

Automated hiring processes: 80% of employees are spending time on HR documentation. Automated hiring processes eliminate a significant amount of time for employees. Cloud-based customer and group billing systems solve administrative tasks for franchisees. Virtual private networks make it easy for franchisees to access franchisor information without the need for any additional security software. The benefits of cloud computing are too numerous to list here. It’s worth investigating further.


While restaurants continue to struggle with the ongoing labor shortage, some have already embraced self-ordering technology to boost customer service and cut operating costs. Self-ordering kiosks, kitchen display systems, digital signage, and Samsung’s kiosk powered by GRUBBRR all provide a faster customer experience. These self-ordering kiosks are proven to boost revenue, lower costs, and improve the overall experience. The following are some benefits to implementing self-ordering kiosks in franchise businesses.

In addition to boosting customer satisfaction, self-ordering kiosks can improve revenue by capturing key customer data. For instance, McDonald’s reported that a self-ordering kiosk increased average check size by 30%. Further, 20% of diners who didn’t originally intend to buy a drink ended up purchasing one when presented with options on the self-ordering kiosk. In addition, restaurants that install self-ordering kiosks can also use this data to build customer loyalty and track consumer behavior.

Mobile payments

Many of the major brands in franchised restaurant chains are integrating mobile payments into their business model, but are they leveraging these technologies fully? Here are some of the ways this technology can be used to transform your franchised business. o Digital subscriptions: Using mobile subscriptions for your restaurant business will make payments seamless and encourage repeat customers. Burger King and Panera Bread have already begun adopting this technology. o Facial biometric authentication: Drive-through chains will soon be able to use facial biometrics to process guest payments. In 2020, the first such drive-through chains will begin rolling out this technology, and franchisees will be able to take advantage of it as well.

o Mobile payments: While integrating mobile payment options into your franchise business will have costs, it will be worth it in the long run. The use of mobile payments is already ubiquitous, but there are some potential barriers. For example, security and fraud are big concerns. Some clients are wary of storing personal data on their phones and won’t use mobile payments for financial transactions. But if you’re targeting younger clients, the security issue won’t be a concern.


The use of AI in franchise businesses can be beneficial in several ways. First of all, AI can improve the quality of customer service for franchises. It can predict customer service problems and provide solutions based on previous cases. This technology has an important role to play in customer loyalty and retention. Franchises are looking for ways to integrate AI into their franchise operations. Here are some ways to do so. Here are three ways AI can benefit your franchise business.

First of all, AI can make human interactions with franchisees more productive. The best franchises nurture relationships with franchisees. AI can improve this relationship through algorithmic decision-making and data. The power of AI can let franchisors make evidence-based decisions and keep track of customer behavior and preferences. The AI can also detect unproductive approaches and take action to address them before they cause a negative impact on the franchise.


There is a consensus that automation will transform franchise businesses. The first wave of automation is already in the fast-food industry, which often gets a bad rap for slow change. But experts predict that by 2030, automation will replace at least 20 million jobs. Automation will eliminate many jobs, including secretaries and factory workers, but it will also have a huge impact on franchise businesses, where labor supply is as small as ever. Experts expect this trend to continue.

Another important piece of automation is text messaging. This communication channel is faster than email and bulk-mailing. Automated text messages can tell customers when their table is ready, ask questions in surveys, or announce events. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Automation is revolutionizing the business landscape. This is where machine learning and artificial intelligence come into play. These machines will help franchise business owners predict demographic trends and transform geographic data into insights.


Using CRM technology can help you manage every aspect of your franchise business. You can streamline your franchisee onboarding process and centralize all information and feedback so that franchisees know exactly what they need to do to succeed. The franchisee can access the information in real-time, which eliminates duplication of effort and saves money. You can also monitor franchisee performance and monitor the health of your entire business with the help of this technology.

A good CRM system will help you manage your relationships with your customers and increase revenue. This software allows you to understand your customers better and make their experience more enjoyable. With the help of AI programs, you can segment customers and design targeted loyalty programs to increase your revenue. As a franchise owner, you will be able to see who your most loyal customers are. This information is crucial to the success of your business. And it’s free.

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