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Suzuki Jimny Black Bison Edition Looks Amazing


It was pretty big news when Suzuki announced the return of their miniature 4×4, the Jimny. But perhaps the bigger surprise is how fast concept designers and customizing firms have embraced the little SUV, with half a dozen or more interesting takes on it emerging in just the last few weeks.

One of our favorites, however, is the Jimny Black Bison Edition by Wald International.

The Suzuki Jimny Black Bison Edition most certainly looks the part of a hardcore off-roader as its styling seemingly combines some Mercedes-Benz G-Class with a Jeep Wrangler Moab Edition. We want one. Badly.

Despite the obvious nods to Jeep and AMG, the Black Bison Edition Jimny still manages to make a unique statement not made by the original Suzuki.

Suzuki. The Japanese company simply cannot cope with the demand. The production facilities are working at their absolute limits, but there is no way for Suzuki to produce enough to meet the demand.

Wald International apparently changed a lot. The Wald International Jimny features include:

– * A black bonnet that comes with a massive intake
– * A new, robust grille and light surrounds made from a single piece
– * A fantastic bumper with red detailing and a special protective plate (I believe that this one will further improve approach angle)
– * LEDs on the bumper surrounded by red housing
– * Massive fenders on the sides that hide new wheels
– * New rear bumper details
– * A massive spoiler at the back

Based on the Japanese Sierra version of the Jimny, which is the one sold globally, the Jimny Black Bison Edition is given a four-piece LED on the redesigned front bumper, complementing the new grille, headlight covers, and the aero bonnet. The over-fenders also connect with the front and rear bumpers to emphasize the off-road tires and aggressively-styled rims. At the roof, more LED is added to the front while a rear wing is available at the back – a little peculiar but it is what it is.

Even the logo borrows from Lamborghini in both shape and portrayal of a big charging bison instead of a bull.

The final result is a Jimny that looks more aggressive from every angle, though no mention was made of any changes under the hood.


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