Home Electronics SoundTracking Launches Updated App with New ‘Discover’ Section for Trending Music

SoundTracking Launches Updated App with New ‘Discover’ Section for Trending Music


Music-focused social network Soundtracking app has introduced a latest version of Smartphone app. This Sound tracking app has many interesting features that cannot be find in the old sound tracking app. Because of interesting features sound tracking app is getting popular in the society.

Interesting Features

Latest style has been introduced which include bright color and large photos. The most interesting feature is Discover section. Discover section of the sound track allows the user to find music through SoundTracking app. Discover section is probably the most interesting feature of the sound tracking app.   Earlier users used to discover music which is shared by the other people they followed. Now user can easily find music and he does not have to follow others.

Twitter #Music, an App

Twitter #Music app recommends music to its users which people mostly tweets. People often listen music which is most popular on the Facebook, yahoo, twitter etc. They just see the updates on Twitter #Music and follow without seeing the new music updates. Now new soundtracking app allows peoples to listen music which is most popular.

Sharing Music

It has been observed that 14 million tweets, Facebook status updates, Foursquare check ins, emails, and SMS messages are sent every day from SoundTracking app. Peoples have created a total of 40 million music moments which has been shared by the other peoples more than 6 million.

Music-focused social network Sound tracking app has introduced the latest version of smart phones app which is providing better facility than before.  It has the interesting features like large photos, bright color and discovers section. Because of these features new soundtracking app is attracting a large number of the peoples in the market.


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