Slots Craze Review: How It Became A Hit

Gamers who are still searching for the perfect online gaming app should put an end to their troubles because Win’s Slots Craze is here to take their worries away!

Heralded by many as the next big thing in the free slot machine apps world, the said game has gained the nod of gamers of different ages, sex, and nationality, among others because of its sharp colorful graphics, superb game play, unforgettable characters (Garfield, Sherlock Holmes, Count Dracula, Casper “The Friendly Ghost,” et al), and a myriad of other notable features.

In fact, as early as August 2013, the said game has surpassed one million downloads and gamers from all over the world have played more than 150 million spins and won close to 14 trillion virtual coins combined! Those are staggering numbers that dwarf other online games out on the market!

The rules of the game are easy.

A player’s objective is simple, he/she only needs to line up or connect pictures of Garfield, Jon Arbuckle (Garfield’s owner), Odie (Jon’s dog), Liz Wilson (Jon’s long-time crush), and Pooky (Garfield’s teddy bear). Every once in a while, special animations like Odie chasing his tail or a sleeping Garfield will pop up on the screen.

Those who’ll score more points will get free spins and will get to play the bonus rounds. They can also boost their bonuses by sharing the game on Facebook and/or Twitter.

The straightforward game play of Slots Craze combined with its unending entertainment factor are the primary things that made it stand out among the rest. Because of the said features, players somehow get to experience the thrills and frills of playing in casino without shelling out any amount. It’s basically free to play and it’s free to win. These factors may seem simple, but they have catapulted Slots Craze to the top of the gaming charts.


Those who want to experience an online game that is a cut above the rest should download Slots Craze in their iOS powered devices or play them via Facebook.
Developed by Win Interactive, a world-class social gaming company, the game’s fun factor, excitement, superb graphics, etc. will definitely take gamers to a whole new level of online gaming!

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