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Most sizzling newest car features coming in 2014


Latest innovations in the automobile industry are altering the way motorists and passengers interact with their vehicles. The history of automobiles itself demonstrates the impressive evolution of automotive technology. However, it goes without saying that not all changes in cars have been successful. For example, Chrysler’s dashboard mounted record player in 1956 wasn’t exactly the best-designed invention. It’s also amazing how fast innovations that used to be impressive, like air conditioning and even Bluetooth hands-free phone interfaces, have become standardized.

With incredible innovations throughout automobile history, automakers are left with the challenge of developing progressively fantastic features to make their high-end cars stand out from the crowd. Accessories that are particularly extravagant these days include backseat champagne coolers and roofs that give the illusion of a top-down convertible on a starry night.


2014 promises a new variety of exciting features for consumers looking for comfort, convenience, safety, and luxury. Starting from autonomous driving and ingenious safety features to brand new ways of saving gas and benefiting from high-end advances without having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on a vehicle, there’s no doubt that the key to boosting sales is to be as innovative as possible. Let have a closer look at some of the most innovative new car features of this year:

Self-driven cars

In the luxury category, there are some intriguing new features that are one step closer to autonomous driving. Cameras and sensors can now keep an eye on the road ahead, automatically making minor steering adjustments in order for the car to remain centered in the lane. In addition, latest adaptive cruise control systems can operate in stop-and-go traffic.


Ingenious safety features

Next, we have impressive and comforting new safety features. The latest systems can automatically slam on the brakes to assist in avoiding the effects for both forward and reverse collisions with other cars and obstructions in a car’s path. Such groundbreaking features help prevent dangerous encounters with pedestrians and bicycle riders.

Brand-new ways of saving money on gas

Promising features help consumers save money on gas by improving mileage in cars without negatively affecting cars’ performance. Many models borrow from hybrid cars the stop/start system that shut downs the engine while it is idle in order to avoid the car from reaching zero mpg. i-ELOOP (intelligent energy loop) is another system that recovers kinetic energy, normally lost through braking, storing it to help power the car’s electrical components. This is a beneficial feature because it also saves a significant amount of fuel.

Safety comes first

Some new and extremely convenient and safe features will eventually become the norm for their pure genius. “Hydrophobic” side windows can now shed water in order to preserve some of the cars’ outward visibility in a downpour. Another convenient feature that saves motorists some time is the function that enables up to four drivers to customize operating settings that recognize the motorist through his or her key fob and adjust automatically seat, mirror, and climate control settings in addition to radio presets and stored navigation destinations.


Luxurious car features

Some features are mostly luxurious rather than intrinsically helpful, such as brakes that remain engaged at a stoplight for up to 10 minutes without the driver putting his or her foot on the petal. Additionally, built-in, automatic vacuum cleaners in cars are a great time saver for cleanliness (even though they can easily be replaced for a lot cheaper hand vacuum). Another luxurious feature that is door handles that retract back into the doors once the car is in motion. Lastly, and perhaps the most luxurious and appealing feature would be cars with hot stone massaging seats and heated armrests.

It is amazing, convenient, and safe what technology allows us to do these days. The most upcoming features in cars set the stage for a future of even more innovative inventions in the automobile industry. Advanced technology that saves fuel – and lives – is getting cheaper and better with every day that goes by. That can only mean that ingenious new features are no longer exclusive to high-end vehicles like Volvo or Mercedes. They’re present mainstream in most new car types that will soon hit the market this year such as Ford Fusion and Nissan Rogue.


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