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PoP Shoppe Pops Up, Newer and Sleeker!


The beverage retailer is back again with new flavors and a new look to boast about after it joins hands with Cott Corporation.

For all those who love drinking the classic PoP Shoppe sodas, here is news to rejoice. The soda retailer is back in the market with much to boast about. Not just the company is coming up with fur new different flavors to add to its product line, but it is also available in a new, sleek look. For the first time, PoP Shoppe is going beyond its glass-bottles look.

The company recently announced a partnership with Cott Corporation to redesign its packaging and the company is all set to launch its first-ever line of canned sodas. So, here is your favorite soda, now available in sleek, chilled cans with all major retailers. Can it get any better?

Yes, it does. It is not just the new packaging that the company has in line for its ardent lovers. The PoP Shoppe is also launching for new exotic flavors for its retro-can line. The new flavors will include, Got the Blues Raspberry, Omazing Orange n’ Cream, Psychadelic Strawberry and Big Time Banana along with its traditional, long-time flavors with a slight twist – Radical Root Beer, Crazy Cream Soda, Lime Ricky and Groovin’ Grape. With all these new flavors and crazy names, the company is all set to entice the soda lovers.

After a long absence from the market, PoP Shoppe is set to capture the interest of their customers who have loved the drinks since 1969. Its partnership with Cott Corporation has resulted in arrange of products that are not just refreshing but an altogether appealing look. The partnership with Cott also allows PoP Shoppe to make use of the vast distribution network of the company, which means that the product will be made widely available.

For all those who love PoP Shoppe sodas, here comes your time to get your fill!



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