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Move beyond casual gaming and capture serious gamers with these iPhone5 games


Are you a serious gamer or what? When the iPhone 5 was released on the market, experts claimed that it wasn’t very different from its predecessors, seemingly because it wasn’t a pyramid made entirely of holograms. In reality, the iPhone 5 brought several major changes. It features a wider and more vibrant display, superior graphics and a faster chip. Its enhanced camera and HD video recording make it an extraordinary device.

Although current iPhone applications work flawlessly on iPhone 5, it soon became obvious that they needed an upgrade for a more user-friendly experience. The apps had to be fully optimized to match the new gizmo. Move beyond average gaming experience and catch everyone’s attention with these innovative iPhone 5 games:

Infinity Blade II

RPG leveling up and Swipey swordplay is what Infinity Blade II is all about. It has stunning visuals and iPhone 5 supports full resolution. Due to the demanding nature of the application, you’ll be thankful for the A6 chip too. The app can be downloaded from iTunes and it costs only $6.99.  Get ready to fight for your life, put your skills to the ultimate test, and let Infinity Blade dazzle you with its dramatic graphics.

Infinity Blade II

Need for Speed Most Wanted

This is probably the best arcade racer for iOS. The game is fun, entertaining and will captivate you right from the start. You will be speeding on the highway, drifting for miles, smashing cops and you’ll generally be a real menace on wheels.

Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is the ultimate arcade experience. It resembles playing a wire loop game in the fast-forward mode. The game has relatively simple visuals and uncomplicated graphics, but it’s really fetching. It’s far more fluid on iPhone 5 than on any other iOS device. The wider screen will keep your thumbs out of the way as you move your small ship right and left, avoiding the endless walls of doom. In spite of its simplicity Super Hexagon is addictive, thus be careful!

Super Hexagon

Beyond Ynth

iOS games are not just about virtual control and platform games. Yet, Beyond Ynth is brilliant at both and it will surely surprise you. This puzzler implies helping a tiny bug traverse 2D levels. Its method of travel consists of extremely intricate boxes. On the enhanced iPhone 5 the game is spectacular. Your thumbs cover only a small section of the screen and your bug moves faster. Plus, you can see a fraction more of what’s after the corner.

Beyond Ynth

The Room Pocket

This distinctive iPad game transits perfectly to the widescreen of the newest iPhone 5. The complicated graphics of The Room Pocket suit perfectly on the smartphone, not to mention that the game is a genuine masterpiece.

While playing, you’re all alone in a room with a bizarre box. As you start the game, you’ll be absorbed in a creepy and chilly space for several hours of discovery. For an improved gaming experience, you should steer clear of all the hints, play in a dark room and wear headphone. If you do this, be prepared to leap out of your chair. The Room Pocket is available on iTunes and you can download it for free. You should give it a try as you won’t be disappointed.

These are the top 5 most entertaining and original games that work faultlessly on iPhone 5. Playing them is easy, engaging, and more pleasurable than ever. The graphics are impeccable, you have more flexibility and you’ll be immersed in the game’s action within seconds. These being said, don’t wait any longer and download these awesome games right now. You’ll have more fun on your iPhone 5 than you’ve ever imagined!

Author Bio: The post is written by Jason Phillips. He is a gaming freak. He works as software designer in one of the well known gaming company. Also he has worked with an online gaming site Aeroplane Games 365.


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