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Is LG returning to Windows Phone?

lg uni 8 pic eveleaks leak firm-guide

Long gone are the days when LG was releasing a number of Windows Phone 7 devices. The Optimus devices with this operating system did not fair too well and so the company eventually gave up on them. Not only that, but they completely ignored Windows Phone 8. But now, with the so-called LG Uni8, they could just make a comeback in this sector. Most of us might consider it a (pleasant) surprise but the fact that Windows Phone is continuously increasing its market share says otherwise. LG was announced as a hardware partner in February by Microsoft but this was followed by a quick reply from the South-Korean company stating that support for the Windows Phone 8.1 was not one of its short-term objectives. So did they experience a change of heart with the LG Uni8? Nevertheless Microsoft’s mobile operating system is still a long way from the two most popular ones, Android and iOS. Photos of the LG Uni8 were leaked to the internet by the reputed source evleaks.

lg uni 8 pic eveleaks leak firm-guide

From the pictures we can get a pretty good first idea when it comes to the LG Uni8. The screen has not two but three main columns which is one indicator that this might be a phablet, Its screen could go as high as 6 inches but nothing is sure for now. Apparently there is no camera button though which might make some think twice before buying such a device. Nokia dropped the camera shutter button a while ago as well and it seems LG is following suit. One explanation for this would be that the LG Uni8 is meant to be a pocket-friendly handset.

All in all, we will have to wait a little longer until more information on this upcoming LG Uni8 is available. Virtually no information is available about its hardware and that is one thing we’re anxiously waiting information on. The LG Uni8 is allegedly set to be released in 2014 so we will try and keep you up to date with the latest news.


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