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LG G3 promos give us a taste of what’s to come days before the official unveiling

lg g 3 promos design videos leaks pictures firm-guide

LG’s brand-new flagship phone is almost here. While rumors that have been piling up on the internet indicate people are anxious to see it, the LG G3 promos prove the same goes for LG. You don’t often put up a small website with three short promotional videos dedicated to the unveiling of your new smartphone a few days in advance of the actual event. This comes after the South Korean company also announced their new smart cover, the QuickSilver. Following in HTC’s footsteps, LG introduced this cover in order to make the G3 “infinitely more useful”. And there’s a good chance it actually will. From the short video they released we can see that you can answer phone calls, play music, send texts, use the camera and more, all of these through the cover’s circular window. But we can’t say we complain about all this info. If anything, it’s good news. But let’s see what we can take from the new LG G3 promos that have recently surfaced.

lg g 3 promos design videos leaks pictures firm-guide

The first two of the LG G3 promos offer us a glimpse of the display and the camera’s functionality. By now we all know that the G3’s display will most likely be a QHD one, with a resolution of 2560 x 1400 pixels. The camera, however, has only recently come into attention. It seems that LG’s flagship will feature laser autofocus. This technology is also used on the average desktop mouse because of its increased precision and speed. The AF system will observe how deep the subject of your photo is and decrease the interval between the digital shutter activation and the capturing of the photo.

lg g3 promos quicksilver

The third of these LG G3 promos gives us a clear look at the phone and its impeccable design. Despite this unhindered view of the G3, LG does not yet tell us whether it will be made of metal or plastic so we can only guess. The LG G3 is scheduled to be launched on May 27, with three simultaneous events taking place in London, San Francisco and New York. As for the price, all that came up until now is the one for Korea: $635 for their domestic version. Are you looking forward to the new LG G3?


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