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LG G3 likely to have a 5.5-inch QHD screen

LG G3 screen

There have been a number of rumors surrounding the unveiling LG’s new flagship phone, the LG G3. Back in January there was the one that stated that the LG G3 would be launched in May this year. But the one that topped all the others was the one that referred to the handset’s screen. More exactly, the LG G3 would apparently feature a QHD screen supporting a resolution of  2,560 x 1,440 pixels. LG, who had also launched the first FHD display, revealed the first Quad HD AH-IPS LCD display in August last year. It made a huge impression on everyone not necessarily through the resolution but also through the number of pixels-per-inch. Their QHD screen had a staggering 538 ppi. And we say staggering because 538 was 70 more than what was at that time the display with the highest ppi, that of the HTC One.

 LG G3 screen

If LG is to use this display, then it would probably be the one with the most pixels per inch. But having in mind that the Oppo Find 7, rumored to also possess a QHD screen, will be launched soon, it will probably have some serious competition. But there have been other smartphones in the past rumored to have a QHD screen only to be launched with Full HD ones. Who says this cannot happen with the LG G3? Frankly, no one is saying that but all the evidence seem to be pointing in the opposite direction. Just a few days ago a User Agent Profile detailed some specifications, including the display, of the so-called LG D850, believed to be the LG G3. Even more than that, screenshots from the device have appeared on the internet.

LG G3 evleaks photo qhd screen specifications

As if all of this wasn’t enough, the guys at Phonearena have revealed some interesting information that allegedly came from “a source at LG”. According to them, the LG G3, besides the 5.5-inch QHD screen, will have “advanced personalization” options, allowing the phone to learn from your behavior and offer you more relevant options. These are more or less all of the rumors surrounding the LG G3 until now, but more are likely to appear by the time the phone is finally released.


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