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How to Improve Your Bike’s Performance With OEM?


If you would like to restore your bike with the same parts as those it came with out of the factory, buy OEM parts. Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are bike parts made by the manufacturer who made your bike, or a third party contracted by the manufacturer.

Most people think that you can only use the aftermarket parts (different from OEM parts) to enhance the performance of your bike. That is not entirely correct because you can also use OEM parts to boost the bike’s performance.

There is a slight contradiction though. You see, OEM motorcycle parts are not specifically built to enhance the performance any higher than what it was when you bought the bike. Rather, that is what aftermarket parts do.

Still, if you look around keenly, there are OEM parts, such as bike fairings, that can enhance the  performance of your bike.

Benefits of using OEM parts to boost your bike’s performance

  • Using such parts does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty on the bike
  • The bike retains good resale value
  • You do not require to do any modifications, just buy the part and fit it
  • The color, sizes and other features match exactly
  • Guaranteed to last a long time

With time, your bike starts losing power, and so some parts have to be replaced to boost the power. To what it was when the bike was brand new.

If you combine the OEM parts with aftermarket parts, you will get improved performance and better looks on your bike. If your bike is not customized, there is no reason to go buying custom aftermarket parts for it. Just buy the OEM parts, made by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Parts that should mostly be replaced by OEM parts

When you replace a part with an aftermarket part, you never know what could affect the manufacturer’s warranty on your bike. It is alright to replace fenders, side mirrors and other exterior parts with aftermarket parts.

For engine parts such as gaskets, bearings, seals, pumps, cables and many other internal engine parts, sometimes you will be advised to go with OEM. They may not give you that extra oomph, but they will return your bike to original state. Find the best genuine motorcycle parts online.

OEM fairings can enhance the performance of your bike

If you ask bike part vendors who sell both aftermarket and OEM parts, they will advise you amply on the parts that you should only buy OEM. For example, most will tell you to buy OEM fairings for a regular road bike.

A fairing is a shell that is fitted onto a bike to reduce the air drag. It is popular with people who own performance bikes but it can be fitted on a regular bike. The reason why you should buy OEM fairings is that it is quite hard to find one that can match with the color scheme of your bike.

With less drag, you will no doubt enhance the performance of your bike. Thus, if you buy an OEM fairing for your bike, you will enjoy a performance boost. At the same time, you will keep the bike as original as it came.

Staying original is something you will be thankful about later on, if you ever put your bike up for resale.


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