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Google to release LG manufactured Nexus phone this year?


Every year Google partners with a leading Android phone maker to release a ‘Nexus’ device that is considered a developers device and most compatible with its Android platform. Google started this trend by releasing Nexus One with HTC, then Nexus S with Samsung, and finally Galaxy Nexus with Samsung again. Now for this year rumor has it that Google is going to release several Nexus devices for its Android platform and one of them will be made by none other than LG. Unlike previous years when it released only one smartphone each year, Google is rumored to be releasing more than one Nexus smartphone this year.

The device is said to feature a huge 4.7-inch display with a high resolution screen which is supposed to match iPhone 5’s screen quality. Many believe that the new LG Nexus phone will look like its Optimus G smartphone that the company announced recently. One point of view can be that Google might release Optimus G as their Nexus device in the US. The G in Optimus G’s name could signify Google’s G too, but of course nothing can be said with certainty at this point of time.

Other than enormous 4.7-inch display, LG’s Nexus phone is expected to feature a Quad-Core processor with 2GB of RAM, a 13-megapixel camera, and much more.

If this rumor turns out to be true and Google indeed releases its flagship Nexus device with LG, this could be a big breakthrough for LG as despite being a major Android phone manufacturer it didn’t get a change to grab the Nexus spotlight until now.

After releasing two consecutive smartphones with Samsung including Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus it seems like Google is looking to make new partners for its Nexus devices. It released Nexus 7 tablet that was manufactured by Asus, and it was a spectacular hit. And now it appears its next partner is going to be LG. We will know more about the plans of the search giant and Android maker in the coming days.


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