Coolest Amazon Fire Phone features

    amazon fire phone features 3d

    Amazon has recently launched its much-awaited phone. The Fire Phone is not like other phones though. Its underlying purpose is not gaining a larger market share on that sector. In fact we’re pretty sure they designed the phone with only one thought in mind: bringing more and more people to buy products on Amazon and extend their Amazon Prime memberships. This might sound too harsh but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The reason we say it is that basically each and every one of the new Amazon Fire Phone features (except probably the 3D feature), some which cannot be found on any other flagship phone, basically comes down to sales on Amazon.

    But with this in mind, Amazon has innovated quite a bit. There are a great deal of interesting things about the Fire Phone that could be put to even better use in the future. So which are the coolest Amazon Fire Phone features?

    5. Mayday

    amazon fire phone features mayday

    What’s Mayday? It’s Amazon’s customer service access. At the single push of a button you will be immediately greeted by one of Amazon’s employees. After that you can basically explain any issue and that person will make sure your problem is solved. So goodbye to all those painstaking conversations with your friends or parents, trying to explain to them how to operate the phone.

    4. Tilting

    amazon fire phone features tilting

    Yes, Amazon is not the first company to implement this type of controls but they are indeed the first to actually use them across every aspect of the phone. From games, to reading, where you can tilt to scroll faster, to revealing hidden sections of the menu and information on the map, tilting will prove to be one of the coolest Amazon Fire Phone features.

    3. 3D

    amazon fire phone features 3d

    Amazon’s Fire phone uses four extra cameras on the front side of the device to track your head while you are looking at it. In this way it is able to give you the impression that you are seeing 3D images on a 2D screen. You will even be able to use this feature in games to inspect your surroundings or see what waits for you further on.

    2. Firefly

    Amazon fire phone features firefly

    Firefly is something like a real life search engine coupled with Shazam and a barcode scanner. You see something that you really like? Better go on Amazon and search for it. Or, better yet, point your camera towards it and Firefly will try and find it on Amazon so you can order it. It can even detect the songs you are listening to or the films you are watching.

    1. FREE Unlimited Photo Storage

    Yes, you will be able to store unlimited amounts of photos at full resolution on Amazon’s Cloud Drive. And, even more, there are no charges so losing your photos will never again have to be one of your worries. The Free Unlimited Photo Storage is definitely the coolest of the Amazon Fire Phone features.




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