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BlackBerry Reports 1M Blackberry Z10 Sales

BlackBerry Reports 1M Z10 Sales

BlackBerry Z10 was released in January 2013 with one million copies of the smartphone shipped to the market within the first three months of the year. During this period, the company earned a profit amounting to 98 million dollars from three of its biggest markets: UK, Canada and UAE.

This huge success is extremely important for the company in order to bring it back to the limelight, right next to popular Android phones and the revolutionary Apple iPhone dominating the world at present.

BlackBerry Reports 1M Z10 Sales

BlackBerry has always been popular among the business class as a classy cell phone, perfect for executives. However, since its advent in 2007, Apple’s iPhone diverted the world’s attention far away from BlackBerry. Today, BlackBerry Z10 has managed to return some of its glory back to the company. The credit of this success goes to a combination of premium hardware features combined with the power of BlackBerry 10 operating system.

Sales have been high in the UK market with salesmen claiming to have run out of BlackBerry Z10 stock. The popularity of this smartphone owes a great deal to its 4G LTE network, a 16 GB internal memory with a 2 GB RAM, a 1.5 GHz Dual Core processor, its 8 MP primary camera and HD video recording among several other high-end features.

BlackBerry Reports 1M Z10 Sales

Although, a hundred thousand seems like a great number for the first quarter of the year, how BlackBerry is going to fare through the rest of the year cannot be confirmed yet. This uncertainty is partly due to disappointing BlackBerry Z10 sales in one of the most important markets of the company: USA. Moreover, BBC Business News reports a loss of three hundred thousand BlackBerry users in just one year. Users are either switching to Apple or Android devices instead.

It seems like BlackBerry has to bring much more improvements in future to make it to the top. Still, 1 million sales of BlackBerry Z10 is an encouraging sign for the company.


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