Back to basics: the Martian Notifier smartwatch

    The smartwatch market is in need of a groundbreaking device and the Martian Notifier might just be that device. Everyone keeps talking about the huge potential of this market but things have not yet moved in the right direction. The guys at Martian have a new approach towards smartwatches, a new approach which might prove to be the winning move. They believe that a smartwatch should first and foremost have the functions of a watch, followed by smartphone-like capabilities. And they incorporated this beliefs into the Martian Notifier in an extremely appealing manner. The watch has a slick design and you should be able to wear with any occasion. But the notifications themselves are extremely interesting, the Martian Notifier supporting virtually any app.

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    At first, when you look at the Martian Notifier you might not even see it is a smartwatch at all. That is until the notifications start piling up. The small OLED screen is not instantly noticeable and the smartwatch manages to maintain a design that fits in both leisure and business environments. Besides this, the only thing that would indicate it is a smartwatch would be the small light on top of the screen. The guys at Martian have also dropped the voice commands for this new device and added the capability of setting custom vibrations for every notification. In this way you will know from the vibrations if its an e-mail, Facebook notification or anything else for that matter.

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    The Martian Notifer is far from perfect though. Despite all of its great features, it does have some drawbacks. First of all it is splashproof but this is not all that impressive when you compare it with other waterproof smartwatches from Samsung or Sony. It can also be charged only by using the USB cable with an unusually long tip with which it comes when you buy the device. However, despite all of these it is a worthwhile device. It supports both iOS and Android and from its pair app you can choose which notification from which apps you can receive, It also has a dual battery system, the analog clock being powered up by a different battery than the wireless and messaging functions. At $129.99 the Martian Notifier is an extremely promising device that can set a new trend on the smartwatch market.


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