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To Assimilate SMS, Facebook’s Android Messenger Tries Letting You Reach Non-Friends by Phone Number


With this Facebook’s Android Messenger, a user will not be able to find the option of sending messaging to non-friends. This option was added by Facebook a year ago. But this method had very low traction so due to for this reason new method has been introduced.

The Android messenger has been very popular in these days. It is now working on a new app. The Android messenger provides facility to access to non-friends just by the help of their phone numbers. In order to connect other people user just have to provide their phone numbers.

Ranges of Massaging

With the help of this app, users are able to communicate with their friends any time. This Facebook’s Android messenger facilitate user to communicate across desktop, mobile, and sometimes even email. There are mobile-first startups like WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, and KakaoTalk which helps user to do group messaging.



Sometimes peoples didn’t add their friends on their Facebook friend’s list. They just have the phone number of their friends. User just has to give their phone number to Facebook and then Facebook will find the person whom user wants to contact. User can also do audio and video messaging with their friends. It has some privacy risks. If this Facebook app works then people will able to find more friends on Facebook and will be able to contact them for free.


Facebook will be able to provide more information about their friends. People will be able to contact with their non-friends easily by phone number through this app.If this Facebook’sandroid messenger works out then the number of the Facebook users will defiantly increase.


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