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Advantages Of The ZTE Grand X

ZTE Grand X LTE picture (2)
ZTE Grand X LTE picture (2)

The ZTE Grand X is a handset that ZTE can be very proud of and it is one that has also gained a good following among gamers. The overall design has earned the makers a few plaudits and the makers have also come in for praise for the lower than expected price tag – a plus point in an increasingly expensive market.

At 4.3 inches the screen is a very reasonable size and the quality of the image that can be viewed on it is excellent. As a result there have been comparisons with a number of other handsets offered by smartphone manufacturers. When viewing in bright light there is very little distortion of the image and colours remain sharp. One of the main advantages of the handset is that it is an Android phone. These are now taking the biggest share of the marketplace and with very good reason. The ZTE Grand X has the latest Android operating system install and the user gets to personalise the homescreens, so that they can concentrate on those apps that they need or want the most. There are plenty of apps which have already been added to the handset but extras can be downloaded as required.

Typing on the ZTE Grand X is a doddle with a range of keyboard options to choose from and the phone is ideal for sending emails and texts. It is also perfect for those who want to keep up to date with social networking sites as shortcuts to these can be added to the home page. Apps include those which synchronise all social networking newsfeeds so that updates can be followed at the same time.

The phone has been equipped with a camera that has 5 megapixels and it can take a fairly good photo. Uploading to social networking sites is easy with the help of the apps on the handset. The screen is ideal for viewing slideshows of images taken. The screen is also ideal for those who use their handset for gaming and there are some games pre-installed with plenty more available for download.

The phone can also double as a music player and this has the advantage of good sound quality. The storage already with the handset is 2GB which is not great but the phone does have a microSD slot so that more can be added. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS and Bluetooth which is a good selection for a phone of this quality. There are far more expensive handsets on the market which do not have as many options. Overall performance of the handset is good as it has been fitted with a good quality processor and users will find moving from one app to another very easy.

The ZTE Grand X has plenty of advantages for those who are concerned about paying out more money for a high-spec handset. This shows that the same features can be found in a cheaper phone, so why not consider this when it is time to upgrade?


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