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A Reasonably Priced Phone – The HTC Desire C vs. The Sony Xperia Tipo


If you’re in the market for a new mobile phone, you may think that you’re going to have to shell out a lot of cash. There are a lot of fantastic devices on the market nowadays, sleek and feature laden, and they can come at a pretty steep price. But is that what you really need? Not all of us need top of the line devices, in fact some of us are just looking for a smart phone that will call, send messages and connect to the internet. Fortunately, there are some reasonably priced models out there; you just have to know where to look. We took a couple of these phones, the HTC Desire C and the Sony Xperia Tipo, and put them to the test to see how they compared. They’re both 3.5G devices running Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich operating system. They’re also both very reasonably priced, and widely available through most mobile service providers. So which one is the better bargain? Read on to find out which of these you should be buying…

The HTC Desire C: What We Liked…


There were a few characteristics of the HTC model that really impressed us. The first was the camera. The Desire comes with a 5 MP camera, as opposed to the 3.2 MP cam on the Xperia. This results in better quality photos with more fine detail. The HTC also supports a newer version of the Bluetooth software, coming with Bluetooth 3.0 rather than the 2.1 version on the Xperia. If you connect to Bluetooth devices often this means faster data transfer, and that your phone will use less battery power when connecting to these devices. This is pretty useful if you’re using hands free a lot. There’s a little more internal storage on the Desire too, which comes with 4 GB of memory as compared to the 2.9 GB on the Sony. That’s around forty per cent more music, photos, games and data that can be stored on your device. Finally, when it comes to dimensions, the Desire does pretty well too. It has the bigger screen (3.5 inches as compared to 3.2 inches on the Xperia), and it’s also around ten per cent thinner.

The Sony Xperia Tipo: What We Liked…


A couple of things about the Xperia were pretty noteworthy. Firstly, it’s the more powerful phone. The Xperia runs an 800 MHz processor, as opposed to the 600 MHz processor on the Desire. This makes it snappier and more responsive, which is important in a smart phone. Secondly, the screen quality was a little better on the Sony. It has around ten per cent more PPI (pixels per inch) on its display, which results in a crisper and better defined picture.

What’s the Better Deal?

It’s a tough choice, because they’re both good phones in different ways. We like that the Sony is more powerful. However, the extra storage space on the HTC Desire C really appeals to us. That extra couple of GB means a lot more music on our phone. In the end, the Desire is a slightly better deal, so it wins our seal of approval.


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