The Yoga Pro 3 is one of Lenovo’s best laptops


The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 could be one of the best laptops this year, boasting some of the best things that Lenovo has to offer at the moment.

The predecessor of this laptop, the Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 was a great machine, also one of the best devices of its time. With this one, Lenovo probably comes closer than ever to building the perfect laptop. Well, at least, as perfect as as laptop running Windows 8.1 can get.

The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 features some interesting pieces of hardware that make it a very powerful laptop, capable of handling some of the most difficult tasks that you can assign to it. And given its very small size, we have to mention the fact that Lenovo managed to install some great components.

lenovo yoga pro 3 2

Let us start with the screen at first. It has 13.3 inches and it is a Quad HD+. Simply put, the screen looks fantastic, the colors are rendered almost perfectly and the viewing angles are very good. The display supports a resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels. It has 8GB of RAM alongside 512 GB of SSD storage. There is another variant, as well, that one having 256 GB SSD. The battery should be powerful enough to keep it running for about 6 hours.

lenovo yoga pro 3 4

The rubber used in manufacturing this laptop feels very good when you touch it, reminding us a little of that feeling that we experienced with the Nexus 5. The back of the screen, though, is made of aluminium and it comes in three colors: orange, silver and gold. Even the hinge is worth mentioning. Where the Yoga Pro 2 had a hinge with two places where the screen and the main body came together, this one has no less than six. There are four rows of metal there and the whole thing just looks gorgeous, showing the care with which it was designed.

The Yoga Pro 3 runs Windows 8.1 which is not the best operating system ever, but it does have its advantages. The Yoga Pro 3 costs about 1600 euro but it has a lot to offer. Would you buy it for that kind of money?

lenovo yoga pro 3 3