Xbox 360: A Blend of Entertainment and Games

One of the services available for non-game users is, which streams music.

The Xbox 360 is more then merely a gaming console. For the past three years, programs and services have been continually added on to enhance the experience of owning an Xbox 360. Microsoft has made a smart move during this time period, and has latched onto some of the most popular services of the modern era. Services such as Netflix and Hulu have made the machine much more accessible to those who do not play video games.

The era of the video game standing alone is no more. In today’s world, the video game is more associated with the art of the film more then anything else. In the elder days of the video game, the video game was seen as a vehicle strictly for children. Games such as Super Mario Bros. instilled in people the idea that video games were merely for children, and that a Nintendo could only be used for “childish” purposes. Even today, some games continue to be released with the focus being on the the children. However, what has changed are all the of the extra services and programs that advertise outside of the gaming audience. Take, for instance, the Netflix service.

Music streaming is one of the available services available on Netflix.
One of the services available for non-game users is, which streams music.

Branching out and encompassing all age groups is a business practice that makes sense. If you expand the age group for your services, you have an opportunity to make a lot more money. Netflix is the perfect service that brings in the adults that wouldn’t normally operate a gaming console. Many adults purchase an Xbox 360 and barely touch a game. Why? It’s because the Xbox 360 is so much more than a gaming console. As well as Netflix, music lovers can also rejoice for the Xbox 360. is a service that opens up the music world to users of the Xbox 360. Users can access a variety of music and it opens up an array of different listening experiences. So, music and film are just two of the facets of entertainment that the Xbox 360 provides. It is no longer just about games anymore. Now, it’s about the blending of entertainment and video games, and how they all interact.