Specialized Usability Accessories introduced by Samsung

samsung optical

Samsung has released today a number of 3 Specialized Usability Accessories. These are apparently designed especially for people suffering from visual impairment. All of them have special functions that are meant to make the lives of those who are unable to see easier. They have been designed after a number of interviews were conducted. From these interviews the guys at Samsung probably realized what were the most important ways in which their Specialized Usability Accessories could be employed. The three Specialized Usability Accessories are not, however, meant for every Samsung phone on the market out there. In fact, the one phone for which they are designed is the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance. The Samsung Galaxy Core Advance has a 4.7-inch screen and is a low-budget entry-level smartphone. It has been released in December last year and although it is not one of Samsung’s state-of-the-art machines, it can handle itself pretty well provided you are a user with average needs.

samsung optical Specialized Usability Accessories

The first of the Specialized Usability Accessories is an Ultrasonic phone cover. This cover is meant to help visually impaired people get by obstacles in a much easier manner than ever before. It works in a fairly simple but effective way: it presumably spots any kind of obstacles within two meters of the user and alerts him of their presence. The alerts are delivered through the phone, either by vibrations or through speech. Although prospects for it becoming the single accessory used by visually impaired people in the near future are low, it does have great potential should Samsung choose to build on the Specialized Usability Accessories.

samsung voice label Specialized Usability Accessories

Furthermore, there is also Optical Scan Stand. On this Optical Scan Stand users can place papers and the Optical Scan Stand will automatically activate the Optical Scan application. The application then is able to recognize text which in turn will be read out loud to the user. Last but not least, there is the Voice Label. It allows users to tag objects and quickly make notes. Samsung’s official press release says the following: “With NFC technology enabling a seamless connection to their smartphones, users can record, stop and access their notes. This feature can also help a user distinguish how to use electronics by allowing them to record a short explanation”. It is very possible that the Specialized Usability Accessories will come for more devices in the future but it remains to be seen when this will actually happen.