Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is one of the most futuristic phones out there


Samsung has tried a lot of things throughout time, but the Samsung Galaxy Note manages to be one of the most outlandish phones the Korean giant ever came up with.

Before the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was released, there were a lot of rumors circulating in the internet regarding this phone. Some of these rumors were about the screen, others about design, but one was about the fact that Samsung would release not one, but two Galaxy Note phones. The other one would be using a technology the Koreans had showcased before. This little rumor that many disregarded proved o be true and along came the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the Galaxy Note 4’s weird looking brother.

Right from the start you can see there’s something special about the Galaxy Note Edge. It looks like its screen is curved but that is actually a second screen you are looking at. The Samsug Galaxy Note Edge manages to separate itself from the Galaxy Note 4 and this is mostly due to its display. On its curved side we can see everything from notifications and shortcuts to information regarding transportation, weather, etc

note edge

As the guys at the Verge put it, “Samsung hasn’t proven the curved-screen concept to be anything close to essential yet. But if we’re ever going to get to a future beyond near-identical flat slabs of glass, we’ll need products like the Note Edge along the way. After all, it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same.”

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was at first released only in Japan but then it became widely available and it will be soon relased in a lot more countries including a few European ones. But it will not be released in all these places at the same time, so you can expect a few more phases before we get to see more.

galaxy note edge 3