Samsung announces Bluetooth Smart Bulb that lasts 10 years

samsung smart bulb 2014

Samsung has now released its Smart Bulb, after Phillips and LG have already released their Ambilight+Hue integration and Smart Lamp respectively. Nevertheless, it is not quite the device that was noticed some time ago at the FCC. Back then, the Smart Bulb received its approval and the Bluetooth device was expected to arrive with ZigBee hub that would enable the average user to issue on and off commands. Right now, however, we are not sure whether ZigBee will be included but the Bluetooth connectivity will remain there. This Bluetooth-only connectivity comes at a time when Phillips uses Wi-Fi for its Hue and LG uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for its Smart Lamp. This dual connectivity of the LG device might give it some sort of advantage in this heated competition. Samsung will enable you to control up to 64 units of the Smart Bulb through an application. For home automation a ZigBee Bluetooth hub will still be necessary. What this means is basically that when you are out at work or anywhere else you won’t be able to control all of the Samsung devices.

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Using the aforementioned app you can also control dim down the Smart Bulb. The lower limit of the brightness is about 10% and according to Samsung this is also “CCT tunable from 2700K (arm white) to 6500K (cool white)”. One very interesting feature of the Smasung Smart Bulb is its lifespan. Apparently, the Smart Bulb will be good for some 15,000 hours. Considering average usage, this would be equal to about 10 years. Now one aspect where we don’t have information yet is the future price of the Smart Bulb. We do know that LG’s Smart Lamp costs $32 and it Samsung’s gadget will probably have a similar price. Connecting mobile devices with home appliances is probably the next big thing for Samsung and this new Smart Bulb is only one of its first few steps in this direction. More are sure to come.