Porsche and BMW new apps for Apple Watch


With the new Apple Watch in the line, the car manufacturers have decided to update their apps for the new gadget. So if you are an Apple fan boy, or girl, you should install these apps on your Apple Watch.

Oh I almost forgot. You also need a car. If you have a BMW you can download the i Remote app. It’s pretty simple because it will work only if you have an i3 or an i8. The app can displays critical information (battery charge level, available range and door lock status) or can send you notification when the battery is fully recharged. In addition, you can play with the car’s climate control system or you can navigate back to your car.

The Porsche Car Connect app is made from the same material. You can remotely lock the car and check if the windows, doors or sunroof are closed. The app can also provide you direction back to the vehicle.

If you have a plug-in hybrid the app can activate the climate control system and can provide you valuable info about the battery status, current range or remaining charging time.