New device that uses Apple’s iPhone to turn normal cars into smart devices


    Automobiles are undoubtedly one of the best inventions to date. However, they have equally dumb and obsolete computer systems installed in them. Do you own a car with a basic dashboard screen that goes away when you stop? Most of the older versions of cars (even 10 years old vehicles) are equipped with such systems, and you have to deal with them on a regular basis. Automatic Labs have come up with a solution for old automobiles. The company announced a device that can transform ordinary vehicles to smart devices with the help of the Apple iPhone.


    How does Automatic Link turn your car into a Smart device?

    One can attach Automatic Link to the OBD (on-board diagnostic port) port of the vehicle. OBD port has been installed in all the vehicles built in the US since 1996. The main function of this port is to provide diagnostic details like speed, fuel level, and possible errors in the car. Automatic Link is designed to take over these functions and offer information in an efficient manner. Further, it keeps the energy requirements at bay. The device makes your driving a smart activity, and drivers can achieve higher gas-efficiency with responsive information.

    The device does not have any direct impact over the performance of the car except that it improves the view and information reception from the vehicle.The device starts working as soon as the engine starts, and it prepares an individual driving report for every drive. The best part of this complete system is that you can receive all the information on your iPhone via Bluetooth.

    Automatic Link app on iPhone


    Automatic app is available for iPhone, and it offers weekly trends as well as scores for the driver. The scores are calculated after considering multiple factors including speeding, rough braking, and acceleration incidents. It will serve as an analysis tool and the drivers will be able to improve their driving with these weekly reports. Automatic link connects to the GPS to identify the full price that you need to pay for a journey.It will indicate gas stations in your area and the quantity that you would require for your trip.


    Automatic link turns diagnostic system into a Smart package, and it indicates the current state of the car. It will help you understand the reasons behind blinking lights and possible solution for the problem. It will be animmense relief for drivers who are not aware of the mechanics of a car or do not have the time for a garage visit.It will indicate your engine health display problems with specific engine codes. It can even suggest mechanics depending upon your problem.

    In addition to these exciting features, Automatic Link has a Crash Alert system, which is capable of sending alert message to 911 operators. It will send crucial details like the location of the car, driver name, and the description of the car by using iPhone information. It can even contact your family or close friends after an accident. This device will show the fuel efficiency and requirement before every journey.

    With Automatic Link in your car, you will never have to remember where you parked. The device is designed to remember the location where you parked. It automatically shows where you parked as it is functional while you park. You do not require a manual check-in for the purpose. The device has a multi-driver support and drivers can grant access to each other. One can enjoy seamless sharing with  this device.

    Understanding the Compatibility and Cost

    The best part about the Automatic Link is its low price. One can buy Automatic Link device for $70, and it does not require any subscription at all. It is compatible with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 version. There is fantastic news for Android users; the company will launch the Android version of the vehicle this fall. With the kind of price and features of the app, it will certainly be a massive hit and will make your car look a lot smarter than it is now.What are you waiting for? Buy the Automatic Link and drive car in a smart way!

    Author Bio: Jason Phillips is a freelance writer who always stays updated with new gadgets launched or will launch in the market. He also writes for a site providing Porsche like spare parts, accessories, wheels & tires, exhaust, servicing, repairs & body shop.