The LG G Watch 2 might be closer than you think

lg g watch 2 pic 2

Have you bought by any chance an LG G Watch? Regardless of the reasons, chances are you haven’t bought one yet. All most people did was see some live demos and some reviews and that’s it, since the devices themselves only recently became available to the public. Knowing all of this, a follow-up to the G watch would hardly be among the things you would often think about. But it seems LG would have none of that and the most recent rumor states that a new G watch is on the way. Its name? The LG G Watch 2. While the device’s name did not come as a shock, we have to admit that the first time we heard the rumor we didn’t know what to think. Why would they announce an LG G Watch 2 already?

lg g watch 2 pic 2

According to The Korea Times which apparently briefly discussed this issue with an official from LG, the company is planning to announce the upgraded smartwatch somewhere in September. Thus IFA is likely to be the place where we could see for the first time both the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the new LG G Watch 2. IFA is looking better and better with every new piece of information that comes up. Whether the LG G Watch 2 will be showcased to users as well or only to the media we cannot know yet.

lg g watch 2 pic 1

The smartwatch will apparently be a team effort from LG and its affiliates and each and every one of them will contribute in developing the LG G Watch 2. Even the processors were supposed to be LG-made. However, it seems that Odin is not yet ready to go out into the world despite the fact that at some point it was rumored the LG G3 itself would be powered by one. Instead, LG will probably go with Qualcomm and hook up their new gadget with a Snpadragon processor. Now that the rumor is out, new info is likely to come out soon enough so we will try and keep you up-to-date. The new iteration however raises an important question: should one buy an LG G Watch now that its successor is likely one the way?