Leopard II using crowd of people for a full-speed brake demonstration


After seeing this video of Leopard II you would probably have some bad feelings in your pants. The German tank accelerated to a 70 km/h maximum speed and then the tank operator pushed the brake before a crowd of people. The over 60 tons heavy tank manufactured by Krauss‐Maffei Wegmann stopped literally few inched behind the crowd. Would you imagine yourself standing in this row of brave people?

There appears to be no record of the Netherlands armed forces authorizing such a knife-edge spectacle for any promotional purposes.

The question remains: is this an original footage or just a well done mixture of two independent videos – one of the breaking Leopard 2 and the second of the crowd in front of a green screen? Anyway, the first impression is really great, just watch the video yourself and imagine standing in the crowd of innocent people (or as we prefer to be the tank craw of this US$5.74 million monster).