Ford Fiesta is the best-selling car in Britain of all time


For has announced today that the Fiesta is the UK’s best-selling car ever.

The Ford Fiesta was launched in 1976 and it has registered a total of 4,115,000 sales as of this month. Under this condition, the Fiesta managed to surpasses the record of Ford Escort, which was sold in 4,105,961 units in the 32 years it was on sale in the UK from 1968 to 2000.

“The Ford Fiesta has gone from strength to strength and today’s car combines style, value, driving dynamics and remarkable technologies such as the multi-award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine”, said Mark Ovenden, Ford Britain chairman and managing director.

As you know, the Ford Fiesta is partly developed in Britain. Ford has divisions in Dunton, Essex (research and development center) and the Dagenham Diesel Centre, East London. In addition, the EcoBoost range is developed at Dunton Technical Centre. More than that, the 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine that powers the Fiesta ST is manufactured at the Bridgend Engine Plant, South Wales.

“The Ford Fiesta continues to outsell its nearest retail competitor by more than two to one – and that really tells the story of this extraordinary car”, added Ovenden.