Ferrari FXX K – Official pictures and details


Ferrari has unveiled the new FXX K during the Finali Mondiali event which took place in Abu Dhabi. As you already know, this special vehicle is the race-track sibling of the LaFerrari and it will be offered to a hand of customers. According to Ferrari, these clients will become part of test program over the coming two years.

On the outside, the new Ferrari FXX K is featuring a more aggressive and sporty design. We see new spoilers, a modified splitter, unique side skirts and rear mobile spoiler with a small wing on each side of the car. Thanks to these modifications, the car can deliver 50% more down force in the low drag config and you can see a 30% improvement in the more aggressive down force configurations.

Inside the cockpit, the clients will find a unique steering wheel that features a Manettino button. It is used as a control unit for the intervention level of the E-Diff electronic differential, the F1-Trac traction control, the Racing SSC (Side Slip Angle Control) system and the high-performance ABS.

Under the hood, the new Ferrari FXX K has a hybrid power train that uses the HY-KERS technology see in the Formula 1 cars. The 6.2 liter engine can deliver 860 horsepower and the electric motor is able to offer 190 HP. As a result, the hybrid power train can put to the ground 1.050 horsepower and more than 900 Nm peak of torque.