Duelyst: The Tactical Strategy Game with a Competitive Streak.


Duelyst by Keith Lee is an upcoming tactical strategy game that wants to do to turned based tactical strategy games that Hearthstone has done with card based strategy games.  It aims to provide a tight 1v1 competitive game that’s like Final Fantasy Tactics meets chess with some of that neo-retro style that’s hip these days.

The only problem is that Keith Lee was the lead producer of Diablo III, and while he’s bringing an illustrious crew of developers across the industry (including people from Rouge Legacy and Ratchet and Clank) to help him make his dream game his attachment to the bomb that was Diablo III isn’t helping his cause.  The news of this exciting new game has been greatly overshadowed by the perception that he was instrumental in causing some of the many issues with the game when it initially released.


It’s a shame too because there’s been quite the demand for tactical strategy games, both with the success of games like XCOM and with how well these kinds of games transition to mobile touch devices.  The artwork looks amazing and while ambitious in scope these kinds of games aren’t technically difficult to create and nor are they taxing on hardware so there’s a lot of potential here.  There’s hundreds of units planned, five factions, and most importantly the game won’t feature any kind of auction house gimmicks or cash shops.  The game is promised to not be free to play in any way, but we’ll see how that goes once the game becomes a reality.  It’s on Kickstarter and it has currently made a little over $100,000, but isn’t very far into its stretch goals with only a few days left, but the most amount of money that gets thrown at Kickstarters are in the final days so there’s still a lot of hope they’ll make their PS4, Xbox One, and mobile launch goals.