Dell just presented a Smart Desk featuring a 5K display

dell smart desk 1

The average desk might be old news in the future and Dell is one of the first companies to introduce a smart one with a touchscreen instead of a keyboard.

The future will look very interesting and we got a chance to look at it for a while when the guys at Dell introduced their brand-new Smart Desk. The desk features a full sized LCD multi-touch screen where the keyboard should be coupled with a 5K monitor. The whole thing looks a lot like HP’s Sprout, one of the most important differences being the fact that it does not feature a projector. It also possesses an array of apps that position themselves according to the user’s needs: the most heavily used will be placed closer to the hands, the others farther away.

dell smart desk 1

The device supports 10 finger multi-touch and pen input. If you want to bring up secondary menus that will reveal even more options then you only have to swipe once across the screen. If you want, you can save and scroll through multiple desktops, fact which makes working on different projects so much easier. There is also a virtual circular interface activated by a physical controller.

Unfortunately, the project us classified as “conceptual product preview” which means that there are no plans to bring this into production in the near future, Indeed such a desk is quite futuristic and many would hardly find a use for it, but there are some people who would benefit greatly from such a device as Dell’s Smart Desk.

dell smart desk 2

The 5K monitor on the other hand will become generally available very soon. You will be able to pre-order the 5K screen starting with November 13 and shipment is scheduled to begin on the 18th of December. Dell’s 5K screen will have a resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels and it is considered a “game changer” by the people at Dell.

dell smart desk concept cover