Lenovo announces its first consumer Chromebook: the N20p

    lenovo n20p chromebook

    Lenovo is the biggest PC maker in the world but for some reason up until now they had only released only a small number of education-oriented Chromebooks. The Lenovo N20p will thus be the Chinese company’s first mainstream consumer Chromebook, placing it right there alongside Samsung, Acer and a few other big producers. This is not at all a surprising move, having in mind that Lenovo is one of the major innovators when it comes to touchscreen laptops and the Chromebooks are becoming more and more attractive. According to the guys at CNET, two of the three most popular laptops on Amazon are Chromebooks.The Lenovo N20p was launched alongside the N20. The only difference between these two Chromebooks is the fact that the Lenovo N20p has a screen that folds 300 degrees that enables you to use it in a touch mode. The downside is the fact that Chrome OS apparently doesn’t go too well with touch.

    lenovo n20p chromebook

    But let’s take a look at the hardware as well. The Lenovo N20p features a 11.6-inch screen that supports a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The touchscreen feature of the screen is itself not very common, with only a few Chromebooks having it. The N20p is powered by an Intel Celeron processor, while at the same time possessing 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space. Overall, in terms of hardware, the Lenovo N20p is pretty much like many of the other Chromebooks although 4 GB would guarantee a better experience instead of the 2 GB it has.

    lenovo n20p chromebook firm-guide

    The Lenovo N20p has an appealing look nevertheless. It is made out of plastic entirely and although the hinge is not like the 360-degree one we can find on the Yoga models, it is apparently set up for some 25,000 actuations. In the Lenovo N20p we can see the same design as in most of the Lenovo laptops and the fact that Lenovo finally released consumer Chromebooks is impressive. Keep in mind that the models focused on education were the only ones until now. The Lenovo N20p will come out in August and it will be priced at $329. It remains to be seen if the Chromebook will be a success or not.