Blackberry OS 10 gets 15,000 app submissions in just 37.5 hours, becomes more viable than ever before


RIM has been working hard on making a comeback with its Blackberry OS 10 platform for its once dominant line up of Blackberry devices. To attract developers and make them create apps for its new platform the company offered every developer a chance to make $100 for every approved app for the Blackberry 10 app market.

It seems like the incentive has worked out pretty well for Canadian smartphone maker as a total of 15,000 applications have been submitted to the store in just 37.5 hours after the app submission started. This is a big achievement by RIM as it has been thought that the new Blackberry OS 10 might have tough time in getting apps for developers who are more keen in developing general apps and games for more popular mobile platforms including Apple’s iOS for iPhone and Google’s Android ecosystem. RIM has hosted two Port-a-thon events to make developers bring their apps to its software.

The arrival of 15,000 and counting apps on the Blackberry OS 10 platform is a superb news for those BB fans who were planning on buying the new RIM smartphones scheduled to get announced in the coming days. Although these apps might not be able to compete with the quality of apps available for iOS and Android right now, Blackberry OS 10 is off to a good start considering it took months for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform to gain momentum in the app space.

Other than offering cash incentive of $100 to developers RIM also offered free Blackberry hardware to developers who could submit two and five apps. RIM gave these developers the Playbook tablet. For those who developed more than five applications RIM entered their name in a random draw to receive a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Device.

RIM is holding an event this month to unveil the new Blackberry 10 operating system along with devices we have detailed here for you before, one of which is a full touch screen device while the other one is a touch and type device with a functional touch screen and QWERTY keyboard.

Apart from these 15,000 apps Blackberry OS 10 will feature a number of unique features such as Blackberry Hub, intelligent keyboard, different work and personal modes, and others which makes it a viable OS and a strong competitor in the world of smartphones. Now will it be able to give RIM a new life as a smartphone manufacturer, that’s a question which has yet to get answered.