The biggest SRT Viper collection

Dodge Viper collection
Dodge Viper collection

Have you ever wanted to collect some cars? Most of the people collect sports cars, because they are rare. Now maybe you say that you have money to collect only car models and put them on your shelf. But D’Ann Rauh is collecting real cars – like the sheikhs in Saudi Arabia, but only with one small difference. She is collecting only SRT Vipers!

When she walks in the garage, she has a lot of cars there, but she would not say it is too many. Like other women buy shoes, she buys cars. She really likes the head lights of the SRT Viper, there is no other car like that. And she does not really cars if you have only one SRT Viper in your garage or 64 or any other number of them. Is she eventually going to purchase the whole production of Vipers?

D'Ann Rauh and her SRT Viper collection
D’Ann Rauh and her SRT Viper collection

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