Automatic Link Now Available on Amazon to Boost the IQ of Your Ride


Automatic is a startup that builds smart driving accessories for practically all the vehicles that were restricted to Apple only. Now, the company has signed a deal with Amazon, expanding its retail partners list, thus making the car available to a new customer group. The Automatic Link serves as a smart assistant to a driver recording and providing a complete detail about the ride. Automatic employs a unique combination of software and hardware in all its accessories, adding more sensors to driving.

Automatic Link Now Available on Amazon to Boost the IQ of Your Ride

About the accessory

The Automatic Link is a white colored, small accessory that combines to a diagnostic port, available online in the cars manufactured in or later than 1996. The ODB port has been available in the cars for so long, but has been kept unused, while the port offers a detailed access to the central nervous system of the car. The Automatic Link uses information from this port that includes a lot information about the vehicle like the travels, fuel consumption, check engine detail, service lights and detection of crashes to send automatic signals calling for help.

User Interface

The user interface to the whole system of the Automatic Link is provided by the Automatic app for the iPhone, while only the beta version is available for Android yet. This app is free to be downloaded and installed on your phone, which is accompanied with regular updates to offer more features to the users.

Automatic Link Now Available on Amazon to Boost the IQ of Your Ride

Technologies Used

The Automatic Link combines GPS data and Bluetooth 4.0 with the cellular connection of your Smartphone to record and then present a useful information for the user related to the drive. The data available to the user contains statistics about accelerating, abrupt braking, trip duration, mileage, excessive speeding and fuel cost. This data is collected by the app for Automatic Link all over the week and then providing a score for the performance over the week.

Thus, with the use of this device, you can make your ride more intelligent.