Auto picture of the week: Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano covered by velvet


Last week, a black Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano appeared near Hyde Park in London. It attracted even more attention than we are used to talking about this car brand. Instead of regular color paint, the whole car is covered with a fine velvet. No wonder everyone wants to touch the car. This car is even more extravagant than Ferrari F430 with a Leather Exterior.

Officially stated, the owner paid something around 7.600 pounds (equivalent to 12.000 US dollars) for this luxurious modification. And while pedestrians tried the original surface with their own hands, Twitter posts began to appear where angry contributors discuss degradation of their favorite luxury brand.

Do you like this modification and would you ever consider it after buying your own Ferrari 599?

Ferrari 599 covered by velvet (3)

Ferrari 599 covered by velvet (1)

Ferrari 599 covered by velvet (4)