Asus Working on A ‘Feature Packed’ Asus Smartwatch

Asus Working on A ‘Feature Packed’ Smartwatch

Due to the popularity of wearable technology, companies are working hard on wearable devices such as Apple iWatch, and Asus Smartwatch. The chairman of the Asus Corporation, Jonney Shih has recently disclosed that they are working on their latest feature packed wearable device within the smartwatch category.

Along with the Asus Smartwatch, the company is also working on other such devices that will be disclosed in the near future. It is expected that this range of wearable devices will be revealed in June, however, no further announcement has been made and things have been kept secret so far. As soon as there is some news from Asus, we will share it with all of you.

Asus Working on A ‘Feature Packed’ Smartwatch

Asus is not the only company currently working on smartwatch technology, another company giants such as Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Pebble, Apple, and Google are also eyeing smartwatch game as well. However, Taiwanese company Asus is the first one to officially announce their ambitions about working on a feature packed smartwatch, which was disclosed through the company chairman, Jonney Shih.

This announcement was expected as in 2013, Asus promised their investors that they will work towards a host of wearable devices and their efforts will be seen during Computex 2014. It is yet to be seen as to what sort of features Asus smartwatch will be packed with, but it is expected that the watch will bring about few surprises. One could expect more than just the ability to check messages and emails through a smartwatch.

Asus Working on A ‘Feature Packed’ Smartwatch

Unless this Asus smartwatch is equipped with something special, consumers will not be attracted, and Mr. Shih knows this quite well. If Asus succeeds in their smartwatch devices, then people will be more than happy to get it and replace it with their traditional watches.