Apple awarded patent for improved haptic feedback system for its touch screen devices


The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for an improved haptic feedback system that it might use for its upcoming devices including the iPhone 5S. In this age of haptic feedback usage in smartphones, Apple was still not using this technology in its multitouch devices like iPad and iPhone. However the company has plans of using it now so as to improve the user experience for the users. Through this, the diversified input aspects can be more properly represented via synchronized actuators.

Back in 2009, Apple applied for the technology to fix problems related to multiple haptic signals intruding with one another and thus creating confusions in the users. With the use of secondary sensors, Apple came up with a way out to restrict the haptic feedback which deleted the unrelated signals. Through this, whenever and iPhone user hits the L key, he will not experience any vibration in the K key of virtualized keyboard.

Apple fan site AppleInsider says in this regards that the patent “uses destructive interference created at various points away from the originating, and wanted, vibration to obscure or otherwise cancel the propagating ‘vibratory crosstalk.’

The patent’s award is like a clear signal that Apple is planning out a diversified range of technology that gives computing and smartphone usage an entirely new definition.

As the trend of adopting iPhone by large companies is gaining strength with every passing day, Apple has also applied for a patent for updating its mobile data protection password system. This will let the companies to come out of traditional text-based passcodes, and bring in the passwords linked to images along with the voice prints of handset owners. Security has always been a major concern for businesses and Apple is takng that aspect of its devices more seriously than ever.

Apple has been quite active in filling and winning patents for different technologise. There are many patents for upcoming iWatch as well as a head mounted device like Google Glass.