Apple Also In Queue for Surveillance Requests for Disclosing Customers’ Information

Apple Also In Queue for Surveillance Requests for Disclosing Customers Information

After the acts of various rivals including Google, Facebook and others in the market, Apple Inc. also joined the queue for the display of the surveillance requests that it receives to display the information of its customers required for some legal action or investigation. Apple revealed the number of surveillance requests that it had received from various local, stat and federal authorities that it had received for the disclosure of the data related to its customers.

Other than the number of surveillance requests received, the company also listed the number of accounts that were affected for the devices running on the OS from Apple. However, the legal authorities have banned the company from revealing any details regarding the surveillance requests received under the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), to which the company stated that the figures revealed were of the cases that were related to the security of the nation and that evaluation of each request was based on its merits.

Only about a week ago, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter have requested the Government officials to allow them to display the data. Revealing more about the types of surveillance requests, Apple stated that the majority percentage of the surveillance requests consisted of the cases that were under investigation of the police department. These cases included crimes like robberies, missing children, suicide prevention cases and cases for the lookup of patients suffering from Alzheimer.

In support to the privacy features of its customers, Apple revealed the facts that its competitors like Google, Facebook and others are used for the collection of the bulk of data of the users for marketing purposes. Instead, Apple cleared its case by stating that it is not involved in maintaining such huge databases.

Apple Also In Queue for Surveillance Requests for Disclosing Customers Information

Also, Apple said that the conversations carried on by the users of its services are protected such that only the users involved can see them, neither the Apple authorities nor any other are allowed to access the data and added to work further for protecting customers while satisfying legal responsibilities.