Fiat to Finally Release Luxury Alfa Romeo SUV In 2015


Alfa Romeo is an Italian symbol of beautiful styling and ahead of the curve performance. However, since its acquisition by Fiat the brand has struggled to maintain its image. The Alfa Romeo SUV is set to be release in early 2015 and will be competition for a variety of other luxury SUV offerings.

Alfa Romeo SUV Kamal Side View

Alfa’s luxury SUV, as well as nine new models to be rolled out over the next four years, are touted to save the brand and bolster Fiat’s sales. This after, dwindling sales and decreasing brand interest had reduced Alfa’s offering to just two models. Alfa executives plan to triple sales by 2016 and the SUV’s successful will greatly influence their ability to reach that goal.

However, the likelihood of the Alfa Romeo SUV making it to production is, if experience is anything to go by, slim. A SUV concept was first unveiled in 2003 and Alfa has attempted to produce a luxury SUV on numerous occasions with no success. Executives for the company do, however seem admit that the 2015 release date will finally produce a production version of the SUV.

Alfa Romeo SUV Kamal Rear View

In addition to bolstering sales for the company and its parent company Fiat, the release of the Alfa SUV is also an attempt to bolster a planned return to the US. The return will be after an absence of almost two decades and if it’s successful will tap into the massive automotive market that is the US.

In terms of design specifications the new SUV is expected to be based on technology and parts used in the Dodge Dart. In addition to some truly inspired design the Alfa SUV could very well be a strong contender in the market. However, with the likes of Maserati and Lamborghini with truly breath taking offerings of their own it is set to be an interesting competition.