A New Business Ultrabook: Dell Latitude 6430u

A New Business Ultrabook: Dell Latitude 6430u

The world awaits the release of a new business Ultrabook, Dell Latitude 6430u, with pre-orders already in progress. The Ultrabook features several options for connectivity, a fast performance as well as a strong built. Moreover, with a reliable battery life and an extremely elegant design, Dell Latitude 6430u is sure to be a success for Dell Inc.

Dell Latitude 6430u is going to be a little too heavy among the family of Ultrabooks. However, with a weight of 3.91 pounds, the gadget will still be easy to hold and carry. Moreover, the matte surface of the chassis not only makes the Ultrabook look presentable, but it also prevents fingerprint marks.

A New Business Ultrabook: Dell Latitude 6430u

The device has all the ports required for different types of connections. Moreover, for the convenience of users, these connectivity ports are not crammed up together. Instead, Dell has made good use of the available space, placing the ports at a convenient distance from one another to make them easily accessible.

The keyboard of Dell Latitude 6430u has also been designed keeping the convenience of users in mind. Firstly, all the keys are well-spaced; secondly, each key has a slightly indented shape for an easy and firm grip with fingers. The keyboard is also backlit to make it easy to work in dim lighting.

A New Business Ultrabook: Dell Latitude 6430u

On the other hand, the display of this high priced Ultrabook might leave the users desiring for more. Although the 14-inch display of Dell Latitude 6430u uses IPS technology with a resolution of 1366 x 768, it still seems rather lackluster. Moreover, if the screen is pushed forward, the display weakens. Therefore, users will have to compromise by keeping the screen adjusted to an angle inclined backwards for the best display.

One of the best features of this business Ultrabook is its 7 hours of battery life. Users will find it delightful to be able to keep working without having to recharge the Ultrabook every couple of hours.

With all its great features, Dell Latitude 6430u is one of the best business Ultrabooks.