5-door Hatchbacks that Changed the Lives of Drivers


    Hatchbacks with five doors have always been very popular, not only in the Western world, but across the entire globe. Not only are these cars generally larger than 3-door and smaller cars, they also tend to have a little more power too, due to a bigger engine. However, there are 5-door hatchbacks with smaller engines available too, and these can save the driver an awful lot of money on fuel costs.

    1. Volkswagen Golf

    This hatchback is a popular choice with both families and young drivers. A stylish car to drive around in, there’s enough room for all your friends to fit in the back seats while you show off your new driving skills. The most recent models of the VW Golf have 1.6 litre engines, so while they aren’t the cheapest on fuel, they’ll certainly give you enough power. One of the most-loved features of this particular car is the luxurious interior, which is superb for a car which can be purchase for under £20,000.

    2. Peugeot 308 GT

    Peugeot has long been a brand which drivers love, and the latest model is the perfect combination of sports car and family car. Big enough to fit all the family (and the pram!), yet classy enough to be proud of your vehicle as you drive through your neighbourhood. The Peugeot 308 GT offers an incredible driving experience for anyone behind the wheel, and the sharper power steering features make for a more comfortable drive.

    3. Nissan Juke

    This outstanding 4×4 vehicle has a lot to offer its owner. Available in a variety of colour including yellow and red, you’ll get a stunning interior which features seat trims and door trims to match whichever shade you choose. The comfortable high seats are ideal if you suffer from back problems or struggle to see the road clearly while you’re driving in a much lower car, although the height will take a few days to get used to! The exterior is bold and dashing, both at the same time, making a real impression on the road. The DIG-T 190 engine of the Nissan Juke proves both powerful yet efficient, so it’s perfect if you can’t afford an expensive vehicle yet to want all the best qualities.

    4. Toyota Auris

    Hailed as one of the most reliable hatchback cars on the market, this vehicle is true value for money. Although it’s not much to look at when compared to more sporty cars such as the Peugeot 308 GT, it’s certainly a great choice if you want performance, reliability and value all in one vehicle. A lot of these cars are automatic, and with a 1.4 engine, you won’t get the most power you’ve ever experienced, but you’ll certainly get plenty of miles for your money. The Toyota Auris Hybrid is also on the market now, so if you’re looking for a greener car, this one is definitely one to consider.

    5.Honda Civic

    For those looking for a car with a lot of space in the back, this is one to have a look at. Coupled with Honda’s famous reliability, you could be driving this car around with your family in tow for many years to come. These cars have a slightly larger engine than most cars in this class. The 2.2 engine means that you’ll have to up your budget for weekly fuel costs, but this car will prove to be a great vehicle over time. Apart from families who need lots of space, hairdressers, massage therapists and other professionals who need a lot of boot space also have this car at the top of their hit list.